We are delighted to formally introduce Samnoc Cleaning and fumigation services to you an expert facility management service firm, General Cleaning professional, Tank cleaning and calibration specialist, Pest Control and Fumigation Consultant.

Samnoc cleaning and fumigation Services Ltd is registered in Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990. 

SAMNOC handle all our numerous cleaning and fumigation services,  We offer unlimited services and we are proud to say that we do our job well and safely.

We offer services in Homes, Schools, Offices, Events centre, Restaurant, Hotels, Offshore and onshore etc. 

Our services are delivered to the highest professional standard using safe and environmental friendly products approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).we also have the capability and experience to handle a wide range of facility services through the utilization of innovative and integrated technologies, combined with our process management systems, we consistently provide superior quality services. Our technique involves problem solving approaches in which we analyze your specific needs and proffer a customized solution.

At Samnoc cleaning and fumigation services Ltd, we are professionals who understand the importance of a clean, sanitized and disinfected environment. We combine our experience, team and tailor made services to meet every client’s requirement and create attention that yields lasting impressions.